Squares and butterflies



Today’s lunch was a rush job; usually I like to make it the night before (or with the case of yesterday’s lunch, an entire day and a half before), but last night I was feeling the stepmom blues in addition to being engrossed by the Jaycee Dugard tell-all, so this morning I had to put something together quickly while the kids got ready.

Today, apparently, I felt drab? Because the lunch looks boring, all orange and tan, but I know it will taste good. She has cubes of both cheddar cheese and a spice-rubbed pork loin left over from Monday’s dinner, cantaloupe butterflies (and a star), cinnamon toaster squares and her beloved Trix yogurt in the middle.

I hope she eats a majority of her food today; yesterday the PB&J roll-ups ALL came back and she told me that she doesn’t like peanuts or peanut butter, which is not true. She goes back to her mother today, so no kid lunch again until Monday.


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