Elvis Week: Love Me Tender



Love me true …

This morning I fed the kids English muffins (or England muffins, as Jenna tells it) for breakfast and, to my surprise, all four LOVED them. And I mean that in all caps: they wouldn’t shut up about how good they were (for the record, they were toasted and had strawberry jam on top).

That’s a relief, honestly, because I’d had mini pizzas on the menu last week & we didn’t get to it. Tomorrow’s their lucky day, though, because they’re getting little pizzas.

We usually have what we call DIY Pizza night every few weeks, a night that allows each of us to make a personal-sized pizza with any toppings we’d like. The kids love this because they have control over what they’re eating, they’re in the kitchen and helping and because it gives them a sense of independence. I love it not only because they can get into the kitchen and learn a few things, but also because it significantly reduces fights over eating whatever they’ve been served. I also learned some things one of the first times we did this: (1) my husband is awesome at tossing pizza dough and (2) all four of the kids love mushrooms (I know!).

To make English muffin mini pizzas, I drizzled olive oil over each half of the muffin and broiled for a few minutes so the crust was nice and crispy and, I hope, will not be soggy by lunchtime. From there I used a tablespoon of pizza sauce, a little mozzarella and pepperoni that I’d cut into hearts with a knife to top the pizzas. Broil for about 3-5 minutes until the cheese melts, then you’re good to go. The whole thing was pretty quick.

To keep with the heart theme I attempted something I’ve seen all over Pinterest: a heart-shaped cut-out in an apple. And because I don’t have a heart cutter I cut a stencil from a cupcake liner and used a sharp knife to trace around it, then I used the tip of the knife to carefully pop the heart out. I did this on four apple halves and put red cut-outs in green apples and vice-versa. They also have carrots, grape tomatoes and/or broccoli too.

I thought these were tres adorable! I hope they like love their lunches. I enjoyed making them and, of course, I love those little people like crazy.

I don’t remember what’s on the menu for Tuesday, but Wednesday we’ll be honoring The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll (it’s the 34th anniversary of his death & I have a little Elvis fan in the house) with the kids’ favorite muffins (Love Me Tender muffins) and The King’s famous favorite sandwich (just not the fried part) for lunch. I’m still on the lookout for other Elvis-inspired ideas; pass them my way if you have any.


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  1. What a great idea! I love thier lunches, but I’m sure not as much as they did. Didn’t Elvis eat peanut butter and bannana sandwiches?

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