Elvis Week: How grape thou art



Today’s lunches were not quite as elaborate as yesterday’s lunches were, but I still managed to tie in our Elvis theme with the crackers, cheese and fruit we had on the menu. And it’s kind of a stretch, but whateva.

Today I went with one of Elvis’ gospel hits, “How Great Thou Art.” Or, how grape thou art because they have grapes (and yes, I have actually won a first place award for headlines if you were wondering). They also have reduced fat Ritz crackers, pepperoni, Colby Jack cheese and a quarter of a crispy rice treat that my husband bought and they all love.

The star cheese comes from the lyric “I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder …” and, ironically, the thunder began rolling this morning as I was cutting the stars out, so I know Elvis & Jesus approve.

Told ya it was a stretch, but I couldn’t give up on The King just three days into Elvis Week.


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