The Monster Mash


Monster Mash bentoA quickie little share today:

I was browsing Pinterest and showed my children some of my bento pins; my son LOVED the monster face sandwiches he saw, so this morning we gave it a go.

Yesterday Jaiden forgot her lunch (pigs in a blanket), so she just took yesterday’s lunch, but Jaylen and Jenna have monster faces! These were SO fun to do. The sandwiches are PB & strawberry jam; Jenna has cheese and grape eyeballs and Jaylen has banana and grape eyeballs; the eyebrows are made from slivers of baby carrots.

They also have more grape “eyeballs,” string cheese and broccoli; Jenna has a blueberry cereal bar and Jaylen has chocolate-covered graham crackers.

The kids had toasted cinnamon raisin bagels and grapes for breakfast and Jaylen decided to eat the peel off of his grapes, then put one in his monster’s mouth (he said it’s another eyeball).

We’re having an issue with the kids actually eating some of their food for various reasons; I hope today the majority is eaten. These are too, too cute!

PS – I would not recommend using bananas as the base for the eyeballs. They got slippery and so did the halved grape, which I tried to adhere using jam, and the eyeballs were sliding off of the bananas. Jenna’s cheese-grape combo worked a little better.


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