Let’s face it: some bentos are cuter than others! Here are a list of my personal favorites as well as some of my favorites from around the web:

My first attempt!
My first almost-a-bento was Ritz crackers and star-shaped cheddar cheese, broccoli, carrots, black seedless grapes, a gummy worm kiss/heart and animal cracker style cookies that spell out her name.

Elvis Week: Elvis Lives!
How do you commemorate The King via bento? His favorite sandwich – PB & banana – complete with fruit leather in the shape of his famous locks and an Elvis-inspired peanut butter, chocolate and banana muffin.

The Monster Mash
PB & strawberry jam sandwiches in the shape of monsters. Jenna has cheese and grape eyeballs and Jaylen has banana and grape eyeballs; the eyebrows are made from slivers of baby carrots.

Kids’ Choice: PB&J and Fishes
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish-shaped sandwich thins are ADORABLE, especially with a candy eyeball and some offbeat friends (like an octopus pirate!).

Get Bento Board on Pinterest

I’m a Pinterest junkie and have fun searching for other bentos to give me ideas. Check out my get bento board for more ideas and inspiration.


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