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Kids’ Choice: PB&J and fishies


Continuing with our kids’ choice theme, today PB&J was listed on the menu (my son love, love, loves PB&J). My girls didn’t want jelly, though, so we went with honey while Jaylen had homemade raspberry jam. A few weeks ago I saw these Pepperidge Farms Goldfish-Shaped sandwich thins and didn’t buy them, even though I wanted to, because the kids were still iffy on this type of bread. Of course they saw these on a commercial and decided they were cool, so the next time I went to the store I came home with these bad boys. Two points for the marketing geniuses because now at least another one of my children is willing to try sandwich thins.

We added a candy eyeball to eat little fishy, then I cut the cheese into short little octopi, cut carrots into some sort of seaweed, added marshmallow bubbles and then the apples were just going to be apples. I bought food safe markers at Walmart the other day (also: scored these on the clearance aisle!) and today was our first spin with them; one of Jaylen’s was a pirate octopus and he thought it was very cool.

Then, while I was taking a picture of his lunch, he and the girls decided they wanted to write on their sandwiches and cheese themselves. Jaylen gave Jaiden’s fish a red smile, Jenna colored her fish’s dots in blue.

And while I was taking the first photo, Jaiden decided the apple was a clam and the marshmallow a pearl. How creative is that?

Today was also the first day of mommy-kiddo lunch dates. Each Thursday I will have lunch with one of the kiddos; we kicked off today with Jaiden. I love having lunch with the kids; to me it’s interesting to watch them in their day-to-day environment, to see how they interact with their friends, to interact with her friends myself (some she’s had since Pre-K!), to spend time with the kids and to talk with them one-on-one.

The bonus for me is that three of the kids are at one school and they have lunch at very close times, so I get to see each of them sometimes (Jenna’s lunch is later than everyone else’s, so on her days that will not be the case). Emma goes to a completely different school and I don’t really know her friends (though I know some of their parents), so I’m looking forward to meeting them.

Going to lunch with the kids also gives me a chance to see my hard work the bentos in action! (For the record, I also made a bento lunch for myself containing the same things the kids were eating.)

You can see that Jaiden’s fish must have applied some lipstick when I wasn’t looking this morning!

I had to stop by Jaylen’s table to love on him and give him some chocolate milk and one of the kids’ former teachers told me she checks his lunch out every day when she walks by because she’s curious to see it (she called me the Martha Stewart of lunches, but I’m not quite there yet!); she said her favorite was the apple cut-out switcheroos during Elvis Week (that one’s a favorite among the family, too).

The student teacher in Jenna’s room also noticed her lunch today and thought I’d made the fish. Flattering, but nope! She went on and on about them and I thought it was nice that she was paying close enough attention to her that she knows what was in her lunch box. (Two points for you too, Ms. Jeanne!)

We’re supposed to have ham and cheese roll-ups tomorrow to close out the week, but Jaiden’s asked for hummus or nachos, so we’ll see what happens. The other two would likely be okay with sandwiches (I don’t think they’d touch hummus with a ten-foot pole).

When I wake up it’ll be Friday! I can’t wait. It’s been a long, frustrating week.