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Kids’ Choice: Noodles



When it comes to cooking for my family, I’m a bit pretentious or elitist: I like to actually cook instead of microwave or defrost or toss frozen foods into the oven. I’m not judging anyone, do what works for your family, but I like to roll up my sleeves and be a little elaborate. It’s one thing I like to do.

Experts encourage parents to do this sort of thing as a means for teaching healthy eating habits; train a child in the way he should go, as it were. But yeah, my kids still prefer ramen noodles and Chef Boyardee and Hamburger Helper when given the option. Ramen aside, I’m not a fan of those things.

Jenna has requested ramen noodles for weeks and over the weekend I finally bought little insulated containers so I could honor her request.

Today my babies are taking noodles, Wheat Thins toasted chips, a skewer of cheddar cheese and Black Forest ham (or cheese and grape tomatoes or just cheese, depending on whose lunch it is), Stonyfield Farms soy yogurt, cherries (for Emma, the others had half of a Clementine orange), three mini Oreos, broccoli and quartered baby carrots.

I’m sure some of it will come back, but I wanted to pack a little extra because I know ramen isn’t so filling.

I checked around and others recommended putting boiling water in the insulated container for 5 minutes prior to putting the hot food inside; we’ll see how warm it kept their noodles when they come home.


Kids Choice: Pancakes



I’m frustrated with trying to get these hooligans to eat, so we’re doing a round of kids’ choice lunches this week.

First up is Emma’s choice: pancakes!

In full disclosure, I bought mini frozen pancakes. I know, I know. I generally like to make these things because it’s loads cheaper (plus you can toss in chocolate chips and food coloring and the kids think you’re awesome), but I was working with a short timeframe, so frozen was going to have to do.

That said, today the kids had six mini pancakes, five or six cherries, Stonyfield farms yogurt and a treat: mini Oreos for the little two girls and two rainbow Chips Ahoy for the older two. Oh, and Jaylen has applesauce instead of yogurt because he hates yogurt.


(Also, my foot’s in the picture. I had to go back to taking photos on my phone because I left my memory card at work.)

We picked up some cutters and candy eyes this weekend, trying to build our bento supplies up. The kids enjoyed their little pancakes faces (the smile is a cashew).

Most of the kids ate everything. Jenna didn’t eat her yogurt because she was afraid it’d be gross (we had a conversation about chemicals, additives, preservatives, dyes, etc. on the way to school this morning after I told them not to expect their yogurt to taste like Danimals or Go-Gurt). Jaiden didn’t eat her cookies (weird, I know) and apparently 5-6 cherries is too many because no one finished those. Jenna didn’t eat her cashews (“I hate NUTS!” she said) and Emma said someone knocked her lunch on the floor today, so she had to eat cafeteria food. Oh, and her lunch was still in the lunch box after it was picked up off of the floor. ANNOYING.

Tomorrow we’re going with Jenna’s choice: ramen noodles.