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Mama loves you



It’s been a ‘clean the pantry’ type of week again, and we’re coming off of a long holiday weekend that’s thrown our routine off-kilter, so I haven’t been shooting photos like I usually do.

Monday was a bye, if you will, due to the holiday. Tuesday I wanted to do something quick and simple, so my younger three took ramen noodles, carrots and a cookie while Jaiden took her kids’ choice meal (that I forgot about last week!): nachos.

Wednesday, which is still ‘today’ for me since I worked late and am still up, I packed adorable little PB&J sandwiches with Cheerio eyes and carrot mouths, apple slices with a heart cut in and baby carrots. I had to include the speech bubble and a message for my babies, too.

We were running late this morning and two of the kids forgot their lunches, so Jaiden had a talking sandwich while the other two had school lunch (hot dogs, I imagine). Now I only have to pack lunch for Jaiden and myself, since tomorrow is my first lunch date of the year with the best son God could ever give a mother. I’m looking forward to it!