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Bento for our Supastah!



Between Darin’s sports, the kids’ sports and activities and my weeknight meetings, our schedule is pretty much a hot mess. Being busy, though, is a sacrifice Darin and I are willing to make for our children because we want them active, involved and not idle.

That said, Tuesday was crazy busy: Darin had a volleyball game at 6:30, Jaylen had a pack meeting for scouts at 7 and then Darin had indoor soccer practice at 8:30. My responsibility is to feed these people, get Jaylen to scouts and keep the three girls. My brother, who’s a boy scout, is helping with taking Jaylen to scouts, so that’s stress off of me (he wanted to volunteer anyway, and his son is still too young for scouts, so it works out).

Figuring things out takes a little pre-planning. On Monday night I made the cold part of the kids’ lunches (noodles were made Tuesday morning), prepared and wrapped baked potatoes for the slow cooker for Tuesday’s dinner, prepared an omelet mixture for Tuesday’s breakfast and made Darin a bento dinner too. He has time to eat before volleyball and time to eat before soccer.

I made him two smoked turkey and Black Forest ham sandwiches on multigrain sandwich thins with provolone, spinach and yellow mustard; I also cut stars out of the top of the bread and flipped them inside out for contrast. He also has broccoli, grape tomatoes, an orange (he’s Type I diabetic, so I slipped that in in case his sugar gets a little low) with a star cut out for easy peeling, cherry fruit leather rolled up (and also cut into a star) and greek wild blueberry yogurt with some Back to Nature Apple Blueberry granola (which is nut-free; he has nut allergies) on top.

This is my first bento for the mister and so I asked him how he liked it. He first lied and told me he liked it, but I called him out on it; he said he didn’t like the bread. Sigh. I can’t win for losing with this family.